The curriculum at ASIA emphasizes on the holistic development of children. The curriculum caters to the most important aspect of the growing up years – emotional, social, ethical, physical, cognitive and aesthetic. The children when they start school have already gone through a variety of experiences which they have gained from home and their immediate surroundings. The school and the teachers build on their background knowledge and provide them a challenging and enriching learning environment. The teachers understand that each child is unique and allows the child to learn at their own pace and focus on building their confidence and develop a positive image as a learner.

Pre-Primary is an ‘Exploratory Age’ where they will explore and learn by playing, being actively involved and through creative and critical thinking which takes place both indoors and outdoors. Hence, plenty of such opportunities and experiences are provided to the children in a safe and stimulating environment.

PRIMARY section follows the academic syllabus prescribed by the Central board. Along with the regular curriculum, co-scholastic activities are an integral part of the curriculum from grade 1. In the present given patterns of curriculum, the unique talent of the child can easily be identified before he/she reaches the middle school or Upper Primary Section.

The school has always seen to it that every child is provided with the best learning environment. 



Foundational Stage is the gateway through which the child enters school life. They develop life skills and learn about themselves as individuals in a group of peers. They quickly gain confidence in their ability to learn from a range of sources including the teacher, curriculum materials, and each other. The curriculum is a blend of EYFS, Montessori, and Indian techniques till Senior Kindergarten. Students are exposed to Literacy, Numeracy, and Knowledge of the World as Core Subjects. We follow NCERT curriculum in Grades I and II consisting of English, Hindi, Mathematics, and Gujarati. Health and Fitness, Art and Design, Rhythm and Music are also part of our curriculum, that is child oriented, focused around play and individuality of the child. 

The learners in Foundational Stage are not exposed to the rigour of tests and examinations, but are assessed on a daily basis, using specific rubrics designed by the inhouse Curriculum Committee. The teachers are trained to use these assessments to reinforce learning and recycle learning. Every learner is assessed on 21 parameters called Early Learning Goals, where the educators mark the learner as per the development criteria till Senior Kindergarten and a Skill based Report in Grades I and II.



We offer a demanding programme in Preparatory, Middle, and Secondary Stage, that has continuous project-oriented tasks, based on subject related learning. We believe that the learners should not only be able to formulate complex questions but also find answers to the questions themselves and discover ways of solving them independently. We believe that our learners can contribute to the world by building skills of inquiry, discussion, decision and thought. Teachers move to a supportive role as the students move to the Middle and Secondary stages of their formative years. Learners in our Middle Stage are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and are held to these high standards in the Secondary Stage. The various activities integrated with the curriculum enables the children to explore their multiple talents. The school follows the directives of the NCERT for Grades I to VIII and the CBSE for Grades IX to XII. 


We follow the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation policy as laid down by CBSE, till the Middle Stage. There are classroom assessments, interspersed through the term, along with 2 formal paper pen assessments in each term. These tests are based on learning outcomes and are used to determine attainment and track progress. Classroom Assessments are used as a tool to reinforce learning and the data is used to efficiently plan the future course of instruction. Educators use subject specific strategies and assessments as well as projects to improve learner engagement. These activities are internally assessed and marked for Internal Assessment in those subjects.

Liberal XI And XII

In the year 2022, under the leadership of the Principal, Mr. Francis Fernandes, and following the guidelines of the National Education Policy, streaming has been done away with in Grades XI and XII. This effectively means that the students do not have to choose all subjects from a specific stream (Science, Commerce, Arts), but can choose subjects across streams, provided the CBSE allows that combination of subjects. We are proud that we are one of the first practitioners of this philosophy in India.