Activities And Campaigns



Our commitment to excellence is accentuated in the wide array of activities and campaigns that the school runs through the academic cycle. These activities not only bring the student’s talent to the fore, but also instill in them confidence and boosts their self esteem. Apart from their personal growth, students achieve the much desired empathy and endurance, which make a global citizen. Activities include a variety of programmes to facilitate learning and overall skill development in our students. Young children benefit especially from the social skills development and improved academic skills. To identify and nurture the talents of students we, provide them a platform to exhibit and demonstrate students’ work and accomplishments. Competitions are held at regular intervals.


Activities such as the ASIA Winter Fest (School Carnival), ASK Festival (Exhibition), Bake Sales, Visit to Healthcare Facilities, Old Age Homes, Destitute Homes, and Orphanages, Kindness Drives during festivals, Environment Protection Programmes and Nature Walks, etc. Students also participate in Inter-school competitions at National, State and district levels in all areas.


ASIA Winter Fest 3.0



We at ASIA, aim to make model citizens out of our learners. Apart from being sensitized and responsible, learners need to develop leadership and people skills. The school encourages learners in Secondary stage to lead their peers and juniors and instil in them a desire for leadership. The school has a student body called the ASIA School Executive Council (ASEC), which works independently and is monitored by a team of teachers. The ASEC consists of 7 sub councils, each working towards excellence in a particular sphere of school life. Each member of the council has the same rights, duties and responsibilities and work together to promote general student welfare


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