Our Mission

The mission of the ASIA ENGLISH SCHOOL is to,

A.   Develop a new generation of students  comfortable with the pace and change in the environment.

B.   Put into practice the latest techniques in Pedagogy through creative ways of teaching and learning.

C.   Work constantly for the moral, intellectual, academic and emotional development of each student.

D.   Provide a conducive and a balanced atmosphere focused on the enrichment, embellishment and empowerment of the children to prepare them to be achievers and leaders of tomorrow.

E.   Inculcate a sense of independence, accountability and greater confidence in our students to enable them to accept the diverse responsibilities in life.

F.   Create an atmosphere that intensifies a child’s freedom of thought and expression.


Our Vision 

Creation of a new generation of students of very high intellectual, emotional and moral quotients for securing the highest socio-economic capital on the globe for our nation