ASIA’s Pre- Primary follows an integrated curriculum adopting best practices of Playway and Montessori method, where the child is an active participant in learning through meaningful activities. Thus, the designed curriculum is learner – centred and caters to the basic principles of ‘child’s development’ and ‘child’s learning’.  The learning areas are in an integrated manner to contribute and acquire knowledge, understanding, skill and attitude required for life-long learning.

ASIA endeavours to promote the overall development of the child. The focus is on Prime areas of learning and Specific areas of learning; communication and language, physical, emotional, social, cognitive, ethical and aesthetical development through Playway and Montesorri method of teaching.

The ASIA Pre-Primary syllabus is theme based and follows a multidisciplinary approach. The subjects are taught in integration and not in isolation. The effectively designed activities focus primarily on the development of skills, knowledge, understanding and attitude through playing and learning.


In the SECONDARY section, besides the compulsory academic subjects, several other educational programmes are conducted to bring greater awareness into the minds of growing up teenaged children. Programmes of traditional cultural values, sex education, value education, social awareness and leadership formation are conducted for the children of secondary school. English speaking is made compulsory as part of our language programme. We provide practical exposure to the children in computer education so that the children are able to get access to any corner of the world through internet. In this way ASIA ENGLISH SCHOOL tries to fulfill its dream of providing global education to the children.